Fergus Hamilton is an ordinary nine-year-old boy with an extraordinary imagination. He lives with his mum and grandpa, and his faithful dog Chimp, in a flat above a shop, and he dreams of following in the tracks of his hero, world champ Steve “Spokes” Sullivan. But first he’s got to get a new (secondhand) bike, and beat his arch-rival Wesley Wallace to earn a spot on the cycling team. What’s even more extraordinary than his imagination, though, is the adventures he has when he spins the pedals on his bike backwards . . .

Fergus wants to find his dad, and with the help of his family and friends he’s determined and works hard to overcome any difficulties or fears that could stop him from achieving his dreams.

Favourite food: marmalade sandwiches
Favourite colour: orange


There isn’t a bicycle fact that Fergus’s best friend and team-mate Daisy Devlin doesn’t know. It’s amazing how much she manages to cram in her head, especially when she doesn’t get the chance to cycle much, what with no bike, and a mum who’s terrified about crashes. Daisy is nine just like Fergus, and she’s funny, extremely enthusiastic and energetic, and always ready with a helping hand or an encouraging word.

Favourite food: peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwiches
Favourite saying: “BEAST!”

Grandpa Herc

Grandpa Herc is a whizz at bike maintenance and make-do-and-mend – he can always see the value in things and if something’s not quite right he knows how to make it better. Once upon a time he was a canny racer himself, but now he stays behind the scenes as team coach and chief fixer-upper of bikes and bruised feelings. Grandpa Herc also loves telling stories and first told Fergus that his dad had gone off to live in a land called Nevermore . . .

Favourite newspaper: The Evening News
Favourite quote: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”


Jeanie Hamilton is a nurse at the Royal Infirmary and works night shifts to keep the fishfingers on the table and Fergus in t-shirts and trainers. Her husband, Fergus’s dad, disappeared nine years ago, but Mum is always cheerful and looks on the bright side of life. She loves her family and friends, and living on Napier Street where she knows all the neighbours by name. But she loves Fergus most of all.

Favourite meal: fish and chips from the chip shop
Favourite time: a night in with Grandpa and Fergus watching the TV together


Last but not least comes Chimp. Despite his name, he’s actually a dog. Although he may look like a scruffy-haired mongrel, he’s just as happy to run for miles as any sleek-coated pedigree pooch, so he’s as fit as a fiddle and is always by Fergus’s side. And when the pedals on Fergus’s bike spin backwards, this loveable dog is full of surprises…

Favourite food: sausages
Favourite activity: looking for sausages