#4: The Championship Cheats

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The District Championships are finally here for Fergus and his Hercules Hopefuls teammates. Despite Grandpa’s enthusiasm for make-do-and-mend, Fergus is still sure their old bikes just won’t be good enough against all the flashy state-of-the-art cycles the other teams have. And even worse than his worries about the race, he’s sure his mum has been dating someone – the question is, who? So when Choppy Wallace, the coach of their arch-rivals, Wallace’s Winners, turns up at the flat unexpectedly and offers the whole team brand-new Sullivan Swifts – the bike of Fergus’s dreams! – he thinks he’s found the answer. And if Mum dates Choppy, that means Wesley Wallace will be his step-brother! Disaster. Fergus needs to get back to Nevermore as soon as he can to find his dad. But it’s not going to be easy this time . . .

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